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As a local Denver, Colorado homeowner, you and your loved ones deserve and can benefit from healthy, clean indoor air. You also deserve to have access to lower and more accurate heating and cooling bills. How do you get both? Simple – make sure that your HVAC system is in good working condition and that your air ducts are unclogged and contaminant free. Air Duct Cleaning Denver specializes in providing this benefit to area homeowners. Our highly specialized services are available all year long, are performed to exacting standards, and are priced just right so that most everyone can benefit by calling us.

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I vacuum and dust regularly. How can my air ducts be dirty?

Air Duct Cleaning in Denver is frequently asked this question by well meaning homeowners. While your cleaning efforts are instrumental in helping keep contaminants from building up as quickly, they still circulate throughout the air on a continuous basis and are re-circulated by your HVAC system every time it turns on. Many pollutants are virtually invisible to the naked eye but can be present in enough quantity to affect both your health and also the performance of your heating and cooling system.

Denver Air Duct Cleaning These pollutants can include dust mites, pollen, allergens, bacteria, cooking vapors, second hand smoke, drywall dust, human and pet dander and many other tiny particulates. To say that “a little goes a long way” is an understatement when discussing indoor air pollution. For example; one tiny teaspoon of household dust contains over 500,000 dust mite fecal pellets! What can you do about this? Call Denver Air Duct Cleaning today, and schedule your residential air duct inspection/cleaning session!

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What makes this indoor air dirty?

  • Stagnant air being re-circulated over and over again, through our venting systems.
  • Keeping windows, and doors tightly shut and not allowing fresh outdoor air inside.
  • Having indoor air pollution lining our air ducts, and then having our heaters and air conditioners move this dirty air around our home and offices, for us to breathe in.

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