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Denver Air Duct CleaningMany people mistakenly assume that if they are not ill, that their air ducts don't need cleaning. In addition, many people pride themselves in keeping a clean home or business location. How can their air ducts be blocked or soiled if their interiors are practically spotless?

Denver Air Duct Cleaning wants you to take no chances. We compare it to thin people having clogged arteries – it happens more often than you think! The mistake lies in the fact that air pollution is often not visible to the naked eye unless it is in huge quantities.

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Most air ducts become clogged over time. Every time your HVAC system turns on, air and the contaminants in it, are circulated through the ductwork where pollutants can settle and collect on the walls and flooring of your ducts. These pollutants can include dust mites and their excretions, pet dander, drywall dust, cooking vapors, allergens, bacteria, dead human skin, second hand smoke, grease, household chemicals, gases, mold spores and dozens of other unhealthy items.

Will you get sick from breathing this pollution? Some people do, and others do not. Some are affected right away, and others can simply feel run down and listless, and just assume that they are tired. For those already suffering from allergies or asthma, their already present afflictions can be greatly enhanced. As usual, those with low immune systems like children or elderly are most at risk. In fact, up to one half of all fatal pneumonia cases in children under 5 years of age are attributed to breathing dirty indoor air!

Can't I just clean my own air ducts?

Unfortunately, there are no DIY (do it yourself) methods for cleaning residential or commercial air ducts. Vacuum cleaners lack the suction power and attachments needed to reach and remove the build-up in your vents. Denver Air Duct Cleaning's prices are affordable and most can accommodate our rates easily. The question comes down to this – can you afford NOT to have clean and healthful indoor air in your life? Call our offices for more information and for estimates, and then schedule a visit from our master air duct specialists. It really can make all the difference!

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What makes this indoor air dirty?

  • Stagnant air being re-circulated over and over again, through our venting systems.
  • Keeping windows, and doors tightly shut and not allowing fresh outdoor air inside.
  • Having indoor air pollution lining our air ducts, and then having our heaters and air conditioners move this dirty air around our home and offices, for us to breathe in.

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